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Ride Along!!
These videos were all taken through the windshield of Jack's Goldwing motorcycle while riding on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.
Notice the reflections in the windshield
The original sound was removed because of wind and road noise and replaced with clear versions of the music.

April 19, 1995:
On the Road Again [3:02]   Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain [2:24]  Railroad Lady [2:40]   
Heartache of a Fool  [2:28] Whiskey River [3:34] I'd Have to Be Crazy [3:25] Georgia

April 26, 1995
[This ride started at Otter Creek and went north toward Whetstone Ridge]
La Traviata
[4:05] Tannhauser [6:37 Poet and Peasant [10:00 The Last Spring [6:01]
I'd Have to Be Crazy []

 Siegfred's Death  [7:00]  Lohengrin [3:13]  Star Spangled Banner  [3:07]

October, 1995: Wild Turkeys



Blue Ridge Parkway Wild Turkeys

 12 Taps