Huston Smith


  Huston Cummings Smith
(born May 31, 1919)
 is a religious studies scholar in the United States.
His book
The World's Religions
(originally titled The Religions of Man)
 has sold over two million copies
and remains a popular introduction to
comparative religion.

Jack used this book for years to teach Religions of the World at Glassboro State College.
He selected many of the key passages and posted them on his website.
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The book is now available as an eBook on Amazon



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I think it matters almost infinitely that we practice one of the authentic religions. But if you mean does it make any difference which. The answer is no, as long as each is followed with equal intensity, sincerity, dedication.

There are wonderfully intrinsic moments when life makes sense, and doubts are banished as irrelevant in those moments. Of course, we can't stay in that state. We're not here to be blissed out all the time.

The Chinese began with the assumption that the group is the fundamental unit of reality. Individuals? Sure, we can factor them out from their groups, but let us not think that they as individuals have any viability apart from their group.