My God  

We Homo Sapiens have created thousands of gods!!
Too many to count!!

    You would think that by now that I would have found one that I was comfortable with.  It isn't because I haven't been looking.  I've spent most of my life looking! I learned long ago that I really couldn't worship any of the male gods.  I don't know why.  There weren't many female gods to choose from.  So, for many years I worshipped the Hindu god, Nirguna Brahman.  Nirguna Brahman is neither male nor female.
    Nirguna Brahman is the god about whom nothing can be said.  [ "Nir" means "not having" and  "guna" means "attributes," ]   Nirguna Brahman is the god without attributes. The only thing Hindus can say is "neti....neti," meaning "not this....not this."  I like that.
    However, the nearer I get to that awesome finish line, the more I need something warmer than Nirguna Brahman.  Something that hugs me when I need a hug.  Several times lately when I stared blankly at that finish line I caught myself doing what Homo Sapiens have been doing for thousands- maybe millions- of years, I was creating my own god.  "Wow, I didn't expect that!"
    Of course, it was a female god.  I haven't given her a name yet.  The Christians never did get around to giving  their god a name!  For now I just think of mine as "My Heavenly Mother."

What My Heavenly Mother likes most of all is trees
What she hates most of all is
I love trees.  I hate

    She hates anything that destroys life.  Asphalt not only destroys life, it ensures that life never will exist where it exists.  Sin is asphalt Asphalt is sin!  If she were an omnipotent god, she would suck up all the asphalt on earth and change it to oxygen!  Oxygen is a good thing!  It comes from trees! 

Homo Sapiens seem to be hell bent on destroying trees and spreading that wretched asphalt.
  They call it "progress." 
I call it evil and stupid! 

    I wept and cursed the other day as we drove down a strip of asphalt called "Church Road" and saw what was once a very productive tomato field destroyed for a housing development.  Highly productive areas like Fostertown Road and Ark Road, where I grew up, are now houses, airports, factories, mausoleums, tennis courts, etc. etc.  My god hates what we've done to that fertile, life giving land!  I hate it, too.  We'll pay a price for what we're doing!! We can't count on Brazil feeding us forever!


The Best Thing I Ever Did!

Over 40 years ago My son Bill and I planted these 500 trees.
They were so tiny! Now they are huge!

They are our lasting monument.

[ Old Mill Road, Mainesburg, Pa. ]


    My Heavenly Mother loves clean water!  I love clean water.  There isn't much left.  Have you seen any pictures of those enormous trash piles in so many of our oceans?  God and I are really pissed off about that!!  Have you visited Wilson Lake lately?  If that doesn't make you cry out loud,  smell the Delaware River!  I'm old enough to remember when things weren't like that.  I like things the way they used to be.  My Heavenly Mother likes things the way they used to be!

    Driving down Church Road that day, we noticed more building going on.  We drove in behind this huge church.  My Heavenly Mother doesn't like being worshipped in some building.  She likes to be worshipped in something she built herself.  Something like a forest or a mountain top.  I like mountain tops. Behind this church they were building an even bigger church.  They should have been planting alfalfa in that field!  And, as far as the eye could see, asphalt.  Black, ugly, smelly, life canceling asphalt.  I hate asphalt


Over seventy years ago, Goldie and I used to ride past the spot where the church now stands
several nights a week to get ice cream
at the crossroads store.

My pain hurts like an open sore.
 I want things the way they were back then.