In response to my recent commentary called "Prayer" someone said, "Wow, are you confused. The most unfortunate part is the confusion you must be spreading to others in the name of being a spiritual guide. "

That made me really stop to think! 
The last thing I wanted to do was cause confusion!

    What I was trying to do was to reach out to those who found themselves in the same situation I'm in and to share with them what worked best for me.  I honestly didn't think I would confuse those who still hadn't lost their faith.  If I did, I am very sorry.
    Since finally giving up the struggle to believe what I wanted so much to believe,  I have met more people in that same situation than I could ever count.  My comments were intended for these people.
    From one of these I received this very thoughtful response, "If I don't believe in the anthropomorphic gods of the organized religions why would I believe in any kind of ultimate reality?  I think I misunderstood "whatever."  It doesn't hit the nail on the head for me if it means the unknown. I have to have something solid....with out a doubt."

That made me really stop to think! 
That's exactly where I was just a few years ago!
I too wanted "something solid....with out a doubt." 
Of course, I never found it! 

    What I have found is something that works for me.  That is, it works as well as anything is going to work for those of us who have given up trying to believe in one of the gods of one of the organized religions. I just thought it might be helpful to share that before I leave for good.
    (I almost found myself sliding sideways back into the original rant.  My mind is like that these days.  But I'm not going to do that!!)
    What would really please me would be for the two responders mentioned to come over for coffee some day.  You could pick up some doughnuts on the way over and we could sit around and talk out loud. I like to talk out loud!! Ask anyone who knows me!! [Both of you know Bill. Bring him along. He knows where I live! I guess he still remembers!!]