Update on Doctor Reza Aslan  

Since my first commentary on Doctor Aslan,
he certainly has been getting a lot of attention!!

Since that commentary, I bought the full eBook from Amazon and read the whole thing.  It was almost impossible to put down.  As usual I wanted to share a few highlights, so I selected a few dozen passages and posted them for those who would like to read them.

Let me make a few observations:

First, there isn't really much in this book that we didn't already know. I did my New Testament studies 63 years ago at the very same Harvard Divinity School that Doctor Aslan attended years later. Of course, the professors that I studied with had all passed away by the time Doctor Aslan arrived. But the basic historical information about Jesus of Nazareth had already been well established. What makes this book so important is that the author has taken the trouble to provide the reader with all of the historical and documentary evidence and to present it all in very readable form.

Second, let me admit that not everyone is going to like this book. It was written for people who would like to discover what we can actually know about Jesus when studied exactly the same way that we would study any other historical person. Even people of faith might be interested in what we could know about Jesus the man apart from faith. However, I've lived long enough to know that there are people who say, "My mind is already made up. Don't confuse me with the facts." I spent the first thirty years of my life saying that. I don't knock it.

Third, I hope you buy the book for yourself.  These excerpts can't begin to replace the actual book.

These are isolated paragraphs, so you can't  read them like a novel.  Each entry must be pondered separately.

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