The Big History Project  

    Anyone who has ever taught college freshmen will tell you that their biggest complaint is that most of the students are not ready to do college level work.  This program will do more to build a foundation for all of your learning than anything else I have seen so far.

The Big History Project is meant to be taught in the ninth grade!!

The Big History Project was started by Bill Gates and David Christian to enable the global teaching of Big History. Big History “is the attempt to understand, in a unified way, the history of Cosmos, Earth, Life and Humanity.” It is a course that covers history from the big bang through to the present in an interdisciplinary way. The Big History Project “is dedicated to fostering a greater love and capacity for learning among high school students”.

The Big History Project

Below are some excerpts from WikiPedia:
Bill Gates became interested in big history when he heard a series of 48 lectures by Christian published by The Teaching Company under the name "Big History: The Big Bang, Life on Earth, and the Rise of Humanity". For Gates, “he really blew me away. Here’s a guy who’s read across the sciences, humanities, and social sciences and brought it together in a single framework. It made me wish that I could have taken big history when I was young, because it would have given me a way to think about all of the school work and reading that followed. In particular, it really put the sciences in an interesting historical context and explained how they apply to a lot of contemporary concerns”.

After Gates and Christian met to discuss the lectures, the genesis of the Big History Project occurred.[4] They founded the project, and developed a team to achieve their stated goal, “to get big history taught to as many students around the world as possible”.

To achieve that goal Big History Project was launched at the 2011 TED conference at Long Beach, California on 2 March 2011.[6] David Christian presented an 18-minute lecture outlining big history and the intention of creating a global online delivery of a classroom-tested course aimed at 9th grade students. His presentation was part of the Bill Gates-curated “Knowledge Revolution” section of the conference. Christian's TED talk has been posted, and the link can be found below. The Big History Project website has also made available pdf versions of some of the timelines that support Christian's TED presentation.