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Jack and Mae loved you very much!!

We started this project immediately after Jack's 90th birthday party.  That was a very happy day for both of us.  We were somewhat surprised and extremely elated to hear how many of you were following Jack's commentaries!

Jack has been bothered for years about how very little he knew about his parents, about his ancestors and about his boyhood mentor, Parker.  What bothered him most is that he never took the trouble to learn any of those things when he had the chance!!  He just wasn't curious at the time. 

    To keep that from happening [as much as possible!!] we started this thumb drive project.  When I realized that there probably won't thumb drives or USB or computers when our great grandchildren grew up, I laughed at myself and was ready to quit.  When Uncle Tom heard that I had finally come to my senses and was going to go back to sleep, he suggested that I go ahead with the project and just turn it over to the next generation, so that they could pass it on down in whatever form was in use at that time.

So, that's what we're doing!
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We're trying to make you all
laugh a little, cry a little, and
think a little!! 

We hope you enjoy
some of these memories!! 

You'll be surprised to find some of the things contained in these
old websites!!