Ark Road


Some Old Pictures Taken on the old Farm around 1940-41

The Farm House
Jack's dad bought this 55 acre traditional family farm for $1,500!!
 It was known back then as "the old Johnson farm."

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Jack's Mother, Edna, and Goldie
Edna was a good rider.  She took lessons from Jack's shop teacher, Frank Titman
whom Winnie hired to teach  horsemanship on Saturdays.
Edna owned her own horse, Ginger, which she bought for 37 dollars.

Edna and Lucky

Jack and Goldie

Jimmy, Jack, and the Blacksmith's Daughter, Mary

Winnie had a friend named Harry Johnson who made his living shipping dairy cows from Wisconsin back to New  Jersey.
On one of his shipments he included a colt that had never been ridden. When Jack saw the colt, he wanted it.   He traded 17 pigs he was raising for the beautiful colt.  On the day he was going to ride it the very first time, he made sure all his friends were there to watch! When he mounted for that first attempt, the horse just stood there like a dud!
Jack was humiliated. Lucky turned out to be a very poor horse! He wanted his pigs back. No such luck!!

Winnie and Lucky
Ironically, Winnie only rarely got on a horse!

Jim, Dad, and Jack

A very traditional crib house

Good Old Parker!!
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Jack's Mother, Edna

Jim on our Brand New Farmall AV
Ironically, Jimmy never drove this tractor. Neither did Winnie.

Jack's Great Aunt Blanche

Parker from Behind

Jack at 16

Jack's Grandmother Leconey

Jack's Grandfather and Grandmother


Jack's Brother Jim


Edna and her dog Oscar

Jack graduates from High School

Jim and Oscar

Edna and her sister Marion

Edna and Winnie with Beauty
This was the first cow Jack milked every morning and evening.

The unhappy couple

Aunt Blanche's Husband? Charlie Terry pretending to hold Beauty

Edna and her mother